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Maxima 7 was developed from the ground up to be an all-in-one, compact body fixture. This was the main need we felt and we think it is its main strength: the LED lamps that you mentioned are pretty good but personally, when we are on location or even in the studio, we are not big fan of leD units with an external power supply: if you have to cope with the burden of an LED unit with its detached power supply and all this cables and fuss you might as well go for the more powerful HMI.

You have physical controls for dimming and for switching on and off. All the other operations, including FXes and status monitoring are done via the remote control app (which is currently being developed). The idea behind this is that Maxima 7 body will last for many years to come while its COB LED may be replaced for better units that will eventually come out over time, so we went for the bare minimum controls on the lamp body and offset every other control to the software app which yields far better versatility and is certainly more future-proof.

Fan noise depends of fan RPM, their shape and topology and, no need to say, their quality. There indeed exist ultra low noise fans which allow for the same cooling efficiency of the noisy fans we currently know of: those are exactly the fans we used for Maxima 7 😉

Yes it does, so you can use it with any standard accessory you already have, including soft boxes, open face intensifiers, modifiers and so on. The S-Type Bowens mount is easily removed from the outer body and we might decide to manufacture other rings in the future to suit different standards.

At the moment we don’t have plans for accessories but, since Maxima 7 has a Bowens mount (see the previous answer) at the front you can mount every standard accessory you already have. The S-Type Bowens mount is easily removed from the outer body and we will manufacture other rings in the future to suit different standards.

Only an App for mobile devices which is currently being developed, the remote control will be a feature we are going to add in the future.

For what concerns Tm-30 we have a detailed list of data at our specs page.

We use a very high efficiency COB LED with an advanced thermal management coupled with a truly special heatsink made of pure copper that we designed from scratch using state-of-the-art, software thermal analysis and FEA (Finite Elements Analysis) simulations. We do all this research, development and testing internally in our labs. No other LED fixture in the market today uses such an advanced heatsink.

Maxima is a purpose-built team originating from visionary Cinestudio movie production company committed to design and manufacture high-efficiency LED fixtures to replace HMIs. We have been working on this project for the past two years. The idea of such a product was born out of our regular job as film-makers for the movie and advertising industry: we love HMIs but sometimes they are unpractical and less than desirable, to say the least, on locations where budget, resources and space is limited.